Sweet FUNdraising

We take pride in the multiple organizations we help every year raise money for their groups and organizations. It’s the sweetest way to quickly raise funds! Why? Our fundraising products are guaranteed fresh, reasonably priced and are designed to help raise significant funds for your group. Church groups, civic organizations, school clubs, child care centers or any group at all, Lehigh Sweets is the perfect fit for your fundraising endeavors.


Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Imagine paying only $10 per dozen for our delicious Chocolate Covered Strawberries and selling them for $20+ each. They are presented beautifully in a one piece box and ready to hand out. We sell several hundred dozen of these delicious Strawberries every year! Some groups make over $2,000 every time they work with us. Keep in mind all of our products are custom made to order.


Pretzel Rods

Other groups use our Pretzel Rods to start the year off right with plenty of funds in the kitty. Custom made to order pretzels are less than a $1 each. Thousands of pretzel rods are custom made every year to help support fine youth organizations. Some groups are able to triple their money!

“This is our fifth year of selling Lehigh Sweets pretzel rods for one of our fundraisers. Rob and Barbara are really great to work with. The pretzel rods are delicious and they are covered with toppings. The customers love them!”

Karen Britton – Frontier Girls

We create many custom items that are able to help your group raise funds. There are minimum order requirements to qualify as a fundraiser. There are also daily maximums that we are able to create in order to assure the freshest products possible.

Please call (610) 952-0580 for details or email us at